integrated HSE policy

integrated HSE policy

Musselli Dante & Figli SRL believes that an Integrated Policy, consistent with its corporate philosophy, should be characterized by the continuous search for improvement in its activities.
The quest for continuous improvement is pursued through the adoption and maintenance of an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System.
Quality, efficient use of energy, environmental protection, occupational safety, employee health and safe means are the cornerstones, all equally important, for ensuring competitiveness and customer satisfaction. None of the above goals should take a back seat to others due to economic considerations. This statement of intent involves all areas of the company.

Company management will ensure that the management system can achieve its intended results. Undesirable effects will be possibly eliminated or at least minimized. Errors in the system will be systematically examined, with the aim of achieving continuous improvement of the management system. Management is committed to purposefully planning measures to address opportunities and risks.

The organization intends to achieve continuous improvement through the following actions:
• Ensuring staff awareness of relevant aspects related to quality, environment, health and safety through training activities.
• Active involvement of all staff through the organization of periodic meetings on issues related to quality, environment and safety.
• Consultation and participation of workers through their representative on aspects of planning, implementation, control and improvement of the health and safety management system and where required by applicable laws.
• Careful selection and in-depth qualification of personnel involved in driving and maneuvering.
• Constant innovation of rental vehicles and maintenance of a high quality level, progressive reduction of the resulting air emissions, improvement of worker comfort and safety.
• Elimination of hazards and reduction of health and safety risks, with special attention to risks present during operational activities carried out at customer sites, mitigated by continuous coordination with the customer.
• Protecting the environment through pollution prevention.
• Mitigation of job order risks through careful analysis of the Client's needs.
• Accuracy in job planning in order to achieve fuel consumption optimization.
• Willingness to solve specific customer problems in the rental phase.
• Rapidity of response time to Customer requests.
• Ensuring that its activities are carried out in accordance with current legal provisions particularly in the areas of environment, occupational health and safety.
• Continuous improvement of the working environment.
• Optimizing the level of satisfaction of the expectations of the Customer who uses the rental of cranes or aerial platforms.
• Ensure that this document is available to interested parties.

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