Code of ethics

code of ethics

The MUSSELLI DANTE & FigIi srl, to protect its image, aware of the importance of ensuring fairness, transparency and integrity in the management of business related to the orders performed or to be performed and in the course of its activities, recalls and emphasizes the principles of behavior to which all those who, in various capacities, operate in the name and on behalf of MUSSELLI DANTE & Figli SRL must adhere.

1) The Directors, Collaborators and Shareholders, must not make or promise to third parties, not even subject to unlawful pressure, donations of sums of money or other utilities in any form or manner, even indirectly, to promote or favor interests of Musselli Dante & Figli S.r.l. nor may they accept for themselves or others such extensions or the promise of them to promote or favor interests of third parties in their dealings with Musselli Dante & Figli S.r.l. Any Director, Collaborator or Shareholder who receives requests for offers, explicit or implicit, of such giveaways must immediately inform the Administrative Body, and suspend all relations with third parties pending specific instructions.

Exceptions to these requirements are only gifts of modest value when they are attributable solely to acts of courtesy in the context of proper business relations and are not expressly Any person who, in the performance of his or her activities always pertaining to the corporate purpose and in keeping with company policies, comes across situations that may or may be considered to be, for reasons of even only potential conflict or concordance of personal interests, or for any other reason, to be, or even only appear to be, influential on relations with third parties, must immediately inform the Administrative Body. Business activities must be conducted in accordance with correct economic principles in the regular market environment, and in fair competition with competitors, always in compliance with the applicable Iegislation and regulations.

2) Directors in any capacity involved in the activities of financial statement formation are required to comply with the rules concerning the truthfulness and clarity of data and valuations.

3) All information that is not in the public domain relating to Musselli Dante & Figli SRL, of which a Director or a Collaborator or a Partner is aware by reason of his or her functions or in any case of the IWorking relationship, must be considered confidential, insofar as it is strictly the property of Musselli Dante & Figli SRL, and must be used only for the performance of his or her work.

4) Relationships with third parties (customers, suppliers, external collaborators, partners, competitors, the media, the national and international civil and economic context) must be marked by loyalty and fairness, in the protection of the company's interests: loyalty and fairness on the part of third parties must be equally demanded. Information to the outside world must be truthful, transparent and consistent with the policies of MUSSELLI DANTE & Figli SRL: Collaborators and Partners will refrain from behavior and statements that may in any way harm I image of MUSSELLI DANTE & Figli SRL, which indeed they will also promote through the fairness of behavior to which they are bound. Gifts towards representatives of companies, public officials and public employees will be allowed only when they are of symbolic value and are not expressly forbidden. MUSSELLI DANTE & Figli SRL does not make direct or indirect contributions to political parties, movements, committees and political union organizations, nor to their representatives, nor does it support them in any way.

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