Lifting studies

The true pride and joy of Musselli S.r.l., lifting studies represent the added value of our rental service and a fundamental step towards optimising costs and operating times.

Prior to effectively renting out our machines, we perform a detailed on-site survey anywhere in Italy in order to accurately assess the real characteristics of the object being lifted and the conditions in which the client is working. Through a series of accurate measurements, our experts perform an initial assessment used to identify the machine (crane truck, aerial platform, etc.) that best satisfies the client’s technical and logistical needs. This is where the most delicate aspect comes into play, requiring extreme precision and accuracy in order to guarantee trouble-free and safe lifting: the technical and analytical assessment.

Using technologically advanced software, our engineers process all the technical details of the worksite until drawing up a rigorous lifting plan, allowing accurate interventions even in tight spaces, with limited manoeuvring space due to various interferences.

The lifting studies performed by Musselli S.r.l. are an indispensable work tool used to guarantee scheduled timeframes, safety and efficiency, highly appreciated by our most influential partners and industrial clients.